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ZooLab Visit - December 2016

Date: 9th Jan 2017 @ 9:46am

On 2nd December 2016 we had another fantastic visit from ZooLab!

ZooLab are the UK’s number 1 animal handling experience company, and the ZooLab ranger came to school to hold a workshop.

It gave us all the chance to get up close and personal with real animals, and the opportunity to touch and handle these amazing creatures. The presentation helped us understand the relevance of these animals, and to be more aware of our own place on the planet.

ZooLab isn’t just about giving people the chance to hold and touch animals: They make their audience aware of other topics, such as natural habitats, the eco-system and the environment, and even how animals are classified.

All these topics are presented in a fun and engaging way, and we found the visit sparked our imagination - broadening our knowledge and respect whilst taking us all on a journey of discovery!

The aim of ZooLab is for children to become active participants as they discover the joy of animals and the joy of learning through animals. You can find out much more about ZooLab at their website!

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