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Tagtiv8 STEM Workshop - Feb17

Date: 13th Mar 2017 @ 10:40am

You may remember that back in November, Penkford School was awarded a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) grant of £500 from The Royal Institution, to help us fund a day full of problem solving.

As such, on Tuesday 7 February Bryn, from Tagtiv8, joined us at school to host a series of workshops with pupils across Key Stages 2 and 3. During these workshops pupils were given the opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning experiences and activities, combining mathematics with physical education. The games were not only lots of fun, but also got us moving around whilst working together to solve problems and reason about mathematics. After the school day, Bryn stayed behind and joined our staff in a meeting to demonstrate and explain how activities such as these help enrich the curriculum and how the activities could be adapted for lots of different subjects.

Pupils at Penkford found the workshops very enjoyable and staff commented upon how useful the training session was. There were lots of giggles as we ran around the school hall all engaged, pretending to be different animals, whilst solving problems.

Reporting back after the day, Bryn said:

“There were some wonderful moments in terms of student engagement, positive attitudes, determination and self-esteem. The fluency of some of your students really was impressive. The team at Penkford certainly have my utmost respect and admiration; I definitely think more people would benefit from visiting your setting and seeing the successes you have achieved to date.

Well done to all those who got involved!

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Functional Maths Trip to Manchester Utd - Jan 16

Date: 13th Mar 2017 @ 10:03am

On Monday 16th January 2017, six key stage four pupils got the opportunity to visit Manchester Utd Football Club stadium and museum. This trip was organised to help pupils develop their functional maths skills and to give them an insight into just some of the ways maths is used in real life. During the day the pupils were given a grand tour of the stadium where they got to explore all the different areas of the grounds, including the changing rooms which had the actual player’s shirts in! They got to go into the interview room and sit in the same seats where today’s players are interviewed and where players such as Eric Cantona signed in days gone by. The pupils also got to sit in the players dug out, had a good look around the museum and engaged in a maths workshop where they got to put their mathematical skills to the test to solve some football related problems.

Maths crept ‘into play’ lots of times during the day. We saw how maths is used around the stadium, for example; in identifying stand and seat locations, in calculating costs of tickets, food and drink, in using probability to place bets and in calculating and recording game statistics. In addition, we were surprised to find out how much maths there is beneath the surface, with our tour guide, giving us lots of interesting facts throughout the day.

Did you know?

  • There is 18 miles of plastic piping underneath the football pitch.
  • That the club collects and stores 55000 gallons of water to water the pitch with everyday
  • That Addidas pays £75000000 per year to Manchester Utd as a sponsor to have the club wear their logo on their football shirts
  • That a 16 seat box costs around £25000 per ticket per year
  • That there are 75653 seats in total in the stadium
  • That there are usually about 4500 staff on duty per game, a lot of which work within security and catering
  • That the current players tunnel was built in 1993 following the Hillsborough disaster with a frame that rises 25ft when necessary to allow quick access for emergency vehicles.
  • That the baths in the changing rooms are set to approximately only 4 degrees. That’s cold!

All in all the day was a fabulous success and has taught us all that maths can be found in even the most unexpected of places. The trip was so good that we hope to be able to offer this opportunity out to other pupils in the near future. Remember, good and safe behaviour in school is a must to be considered.


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