It'll Cost You! Alcohol Underage Sales Crackdown

Community Safety Partners in St Helens have a new campaign running to target proxy sales of alcohol (adults buying alcohol for young people).

It is called 'It'll Cost You'.

The 'It'll Cost You' campaign aims to raise awareness amongst young people, retailers and adults.  Shop retailers who sell alcohol to adults, suspecting that they will then pass it on to young people, could end up with an unlimited fine or a custodial sentence.

There are also potential fines of up to £5000 for adults purchasing alcohol to pass on to young people.

Alcohol use in under 18s can carry another type of cost, in terms of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, hospital admissions, accidents, injuries and risk taking behaviour.

You can find more info on the Safer St Helens website and our parents page.


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