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Ofsted Inspection Parent/Carer Guide and Letter

Date: 25th Apr 2022 @ 4:04pm


Ofsted inspectors will be in school on Tuesday 26/04/22 and Wednesday 27/04/22. Please find below an Ofsted Parent/Carer Guide explaining the Ofsted process and a letter inviting you to share your views about the school by completing Ofsted's online survey

Ofsted Parent/Carer View -


COVID-19 School Update Return To School 14/03/22

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 2:33pm

COVID-19 School Update - 14th March 2022


Important information for Parents and Carers - After a thorough deep clean this afternoon, school will be open to all pupils from tomorrow, Tuesday 15th of March as normal. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff we ask that your child has a negative test result before coming into school. Please continue to test regularly. If your child is unwell contact school for advice. Thank you for your continued support.

Government Guidance Living with COVID-19 - 24th February 2022

Date: 9th Mar 2022 @ 9:34am

Government Guidance Living with COVID-19 - 24th February 2022

St Helens Public Health have urged Head teachers to continue to follow the 5-day isolation from school guidance if a pupil tests positive for COVID with negative tests on day 5 and 6 for a return to school. From 24th February 2022 new guidelines state: Staff and pupils at Specialist settings remain advised to continue regular twice weekly testing. Penkford will continue to follow this guidance. If your child has a positive test but is not unwell, we can provide work to be completed at home for them. Please continue to test your children regularly, LFTs are available from school if needed.

For further up to date information please follow the government guidance links below.

Please see the following links for current guidance on COVID-19

Coronavirus latest Government guidance

Coronavirus Government guidance for schools

Delayed start to the new term year 4, year 5 and year 6 pupils

Date: 4th Jan 2022 @ 11:37am

Please see our COVID-19 page for the latest updates at the start of the January term due to begin on Wednesday 5th January.

  • Delayed start to term for year 4, year 5 and year 6 pupils


Coronavirus Update January 2022

Date: 3rd Jan 2022 @ 3:44pm

Please see our COVID-19 page for the latest updates at the start of the January term due to begin on Wednesday 5th January.

  • COVID testing
  • Face coverings
  • 12 to 15 vaccination programme


Internet Safety - Roblox "The Squid Game"

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 9:09am


We have been made aware of a game on Roblox ‘The Squid Game’, based on the Netflix TV programme of the same name. The Squid Game Netflix show is a 15 rating, covering very grown-up topics. Please see attached letter and website link giving advice on what parents and carers can do to protect their child.

Internet Safety Roblox Games October 2021

‘Squid Game’ Trending across Platforms: What Parents Need to Know | National Online Safety

Childs Flu Vaccination & Campaign 2021

Date: 16th Sep 2021 @ 2:58pm

NHS logo.png

Your child’s annual flu vaccination is due from September onwards. This vaccination is recommended to help protect your child against flu.The NHS Merseyside letter and consent form are attached below and explain in more detail the flu vaccination campaign and process for your child and who to contact if you have any questions or queries.

Flu Campaign 2021 NHS Parent Letter

Parent Support/Flu Campaign 2021 NHS Consent Form


Notification of Decision to Permanently Expand Penkford School and Relocate to a New Site

Date: 23rd Jun 2021 @ 2:50pm

Please see attached letter from St Helens Borough Council - Notification of Decision to Permanently Expand Penkford School and Relocate to a New Site.

The Delegated Executive Decision (DED) and covering report can be viewed at


Coronavirus Update - Headteacher & School Letters

Date: 16th Mar 2020 @ 1:14pm

Headteacher Letters 2020 2021

Please see below letters to parents and carers on the Coronavirus, safeguarding advice and support and the school plan.

Headteacher Letter School Reopening After Easter Half Term 21/03/21

Headteacher Letter School Reopening Fully 15/03/21

Headteacher Letter School Reopening After February Half Term

School Closure Parent Carer Letter 04/02/21

Coronavirus COVID-19: Penkford Updated January 2021 Risk Assessment

St Helens Borough Council Parent Carer Letter Dated 12/01/2021

New Headteacher Introduction Letter Parents & Carers 07/01/2021

COVID-19 Coronavirus Headteacher Letter 18/12/2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents & Carers 18/12/2020

Public Health England Letter for Parents & Carers about COVID-19 Symptons 23/09/2020

St Helens Borough Council Parent & Carers Letter Dated 08/09/2020

Headteacher Newsletter Start of September Term Dated 25/08/2020

Coronavirus COVID-19: Penkford from September 2020 Risk Assessment


St Helens Borough Council - September Attendance

Please see parents information below from the Educational Welfare Service at St Helens Council regarding the attendance of all pupils in school from September 2020.

Education Welfare Service Parent Letter

Education Welfare Service Attendance Matters Information Leaflet

Please see below the St Helens Borough Council new website page ‘Back to School’.  This is a new website for parents, carers and their children and is part of the ‘All in’ attendance strategy.  The site contains the latest government guidance for parents, some videos relating to top tips and will be added to as new documents are developed.


Please see below letters to parents and carers on the Coronavirus, safeguarding advice and support and the school plan 2019 2020.

Headteacher Letters 2019 2020

Headteacher Letter Dated 20/05/2020

Headteacher Letter Dated 11/05/2020

Headteacher Letter Dated 03/04/2020

Headteacher Letter Dated 20/03/2020

Home Learning Letter Dated 20/03/2020

Headteacher Letter Dated 16/03/2020


Safeguarding & Advice

Safeguarding Advice & Support Contact List Letter 06/01/2021

Self Isolation Guide

Social Distancing Guide

St Helens Well Being Service COVID-19 Advice

Fraud Advice

Merseyside Police - Online Safety Advice For Parents & Carers

Online internet safety advice  - please see our Parents Page for the latest help and advice. Also the NSPCC keeping children safe online website link below


Home Learning Update

Work will remain available throughout the summer on the Penkford School website Home Learning Tab for all classes. In addition there are online learning tabs for -:

  • BBC Bitesize Online Learning
  • John Muir Trust Online Learning
  • Oak Acadamy Online Learning
  • Think U Know Online Safety At Home Activities
  • Careers

Parent Advice & Child Friendly Guides During Coronavirus

Date: 16th Mar 2020 @ 12:19pm

NHS Infographic 

Helpful information differences between COVID19, the flu and common cold symptoms. See NHS visual reference infographic below.

Advice If Your Child Is Unwell

Please see advice for parents during coronavirus if your child is generally unwell. A red, amber and green traffic light system guide has been developed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to enable parents to assess when they should be seeking help.

RCPCH Red, Amber & Green Traffic Light System Help Guide


Parenting Through COVID-19

Please see advice and help for parenting through covid-19 from St Helens Council below


Information Book

Please see below an information book to help explain the coronavirus and a child friendly guide to Coronavirus.

An information book for primary school age children to help explain the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. It answers lots of questions in a child-friendly way, and aims to both inform and reassure. Published by Nosy Crow and illustrated by Axel, the text had expert input from Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and also two headteachers and a child psychologist.

Child Friendly Information Book


Information Guide

Have you talked to your children about the Coronavirus? How can you bring up the virus in a way that will be appropriate and reassuring for children?

Manuela Molina has created the Covibook, a short story to help families and educators in this process.

The Covibook will:
• Invite children to express how they are feeling and validate their emotions.
• Create a neuroception of safety when seeing the virus as a cartoon.
• Comfort them by explaining that caregivers will keep them safe.
• Introduce some precaution measures that will allow them to feel empowered.

Child Friendly Guide to Coronavirus

Family Wellbeing and Child Support

The following links about family wellbeing and child support.

Young Minds - Talking to your child about Coronavirus and 10 tips from their Parents Helpline to support family wellbeing:

Carers UK - Guidance for carers:

UNHCR - The following link is a Coronavirus storybook for children from UNHCR to help children aged 6-11 cope with coronavirus. The book is available online and as an audiobook and is currently available in six languages, with over 30 more planned. Click through this press release to multiple language versions.


NSPCC "Speak Out Stay Safe" Virtual Assembly

Click the link below to watch the ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ virtual School assembly. The assembly focuses on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing during the coronavirus crisis, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported. #Safeguarding #StaySafeSpeakOut


New 24/7 Crisis Line to Support People's Mental Health

What to do if you need urgent mental health help:

Please call and our dedicated local crisis lines and NHS staff will support you to access the help you need: If you live in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens or Warrington call 01925 275 309. If you live in Wigan call 01942 636 395

  • The crisis lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are open to people of all ages –including children and young people.
  • The crisis lines are now the first port of call for mental health crisis help –it is operated by people in your local area who will know how best to support you. If you call NHS111 you may have to wait longer for help and will be redirected to this local service.
  • Please note, A&E and 999 are not the best places to get help for the majority of mental health problems –call our crisis line to be directed to the best local service to support you. 
  • You should still call 999 or go to A&E if you have a life-threatening emergency requiring immediate mental or physical health assistance.
  • For non-urgent help and general wellbeing advice, North West Boroughs Healthc information and links to resources to support people with anxiety, low-mood, and worries relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic: 

More information about the new helpline can be found at: 
For more information, contact Amy Poole, Communications and Marketing Lead, on 01925 664 034 or email


Healthy Eating Advice

Please find below government guidance, ideas and tips available online to support families in preparing healthy meals that contribute to a healthy balanced diet.

Government Coronavirus Action Plan & Updates

Date: 4th Mar 2020 @ 2:52pm

Coronavirus Updates


Education Updates

The government have now released a document for parents and carers containing relevant information for the current lockdown. Please see link below. The document contains sections on school attendance (who should be offered a place and why places may be limited). The document reiterates that parents will not be penalised for keeping children off school and that they expect schools to authorise the absence.

Page 6 states the following:

"Schools and colleges will continue to record attendance during the national lockdown and will follow up any absences of pupils who they expect to attend. If you wish your child to be absent, we expect schools to authorise the absence. There will not be any penalties for absence during this time"

Page 11 contains a useful link for parents regarding online safety.

Page 16 contains actions parents should take to limit the spread of the virus.

Government Current 2021 Lockdown Arrangements and Information


Handwashing Advice

The e-Bug project is led by Public Health England and has a dedicated webpage for learning resources on hand washing and respiratory hygiene.

Resources are currently available for KS1, KS2 and KS3 and can be used in various settings including schools and at home:


Coronavirus Action Plan

Coronavirus action plan has been launched by the Government. This document sets out what the UK as a whole has done to tackle the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and what it plans to do next.

The action plan can be found here:

The document includes:

  • what we know about the virus and the disease it causes
  • how we have planned for an infectious disease outbreak, such as the current coronavirus outbreak
  • the actions we have taken so far in response to the current coronavirus outbreak
  • what we are planning to do next, depending upon the course the current coronavirus outbreak takes
  • the role the public can play in supporting this response, now and in the future

Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19, especially washing hands more; and the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes – also help in delaying the peak of the infection.


DfE Coronavirus Helpline

Date: 3rd Mar 2020 @ 8:14am

We are continuing to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

Today, we have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

No school should close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) COVID-19 case unless directed to do so by Public Health England.

The importance of hygiene

Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19. Please help us in sharing simple and effective hand hygiene messages.

 Public Health England has a dedicated webpage with a range of posters and digital materials at:

Public Health England - Further Coronavirus Advice

Date: 26th Feb 2020 @ 3:49pm

Please see updated advice - 25/02/20 from Public Health England Re: COVID–19 Advice for schools and educational settings. Below is a copy of the letter and website links for further information for the public.

Public Health England Letter 25/02/20

Public Health England - Coronavirus Advice

Date: 24th Feb 2020 @ 1:46pm

For information purposes please see latest advice regarding Coronavirus from Public Health England which has been sent to all schools.

Coronavirus Advice Leaflet

School Holiday Date Change - Inset Days

Date: 14th Jan 2020 @ 12:31pm

Please be advised that we have amended our 2019 2020 school holiday dates. We have made a change to our Inset Days. Letters have been sent home to all parents and carers. Please see our school holiday dates page for more details. Any queries please contact school.

Keeping Children Safe Online Over The Holidays

Date: 18th Dec 2019 @ 11:01am

Check out the following links provided by CEOP for tips on how you can make sure that young people are safer online, over the Christmas period and beyond. 

The Internet of Things: 9 ways of making your connected home more secure

Seasonal Netiquette: 5 new parenting rules for screen time and tech when families gather

St Helens Park Ranger Service & Penkford School Partnership

Date: 8th Nov 2019 @ 8:03am

In partnership with St Helen's Park Ranger Service, pupils from Penkford have adopted a stretch of woodland adjacent to school that is part of Sankey Valley Park. Pupils have began exploring the woodland as part of the KS2 Science curriculum and have carried out litter-picking activities. Further activities will include Forest School lessons, habitat creation and conservation in a bid to encourage local wildlife to increase usage of the woodland. This is one of a number of initiatives that our pupils are involved in that directly enhances their local environment and enables them to become active members of their community. 

Bonfire Night Safety Guide

Date: 5th Nov 2019 @ 11:30am

Please find below various Bonfire night safety guides and videos to help your child stay safe

KS2 -

KS3 & 4 - (scroll down to bottom of the page for the short video / information guide)

Penkford and Merseyside Is Bright Campaign

Date: 27th May 2019 @ 3:53pm


This is a crime prevention project which focuses on tackling knife crime and other gang related crimes within the region, through raising awareness of the wider impacts these types of crime have on family members and the wider community.A group of Y8 and Y9 pupils from Penkford School were invited this week to participate in a Media Workshop called ‘Merseyside is Bright’ project at Radio City. Podcast recordings can be listened to using the media file below.

Pupils spent the day at the top of the Radio City Tower, one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings, and were able to put their media skills to the test through working in small groups to create a 30 second advert that will be used as part of the Merseyside is Bright campaign.


Tesco Bags of Help Scheme Offer

Date: 29th Mar 2019 @ 1:23pm

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme have offered Penkford School a grant for the purpose of developing outdoor learning at Penkford School. Penkford School would like to thank Tesco's customers who have chosen to support and vote for this project. Voting was held at Tesco stores between Tuesday 1st January to Thursday 28th February 2019.

Tesco community grants fund thousands of local projects right across the UK.  Projects that bring benefit to their community will get the green light – these range from improving community buildings and outdoor spaces to buying new equipment, training coaches or volunteers and hosting community events.

Business For Youth - Mothers Day Family Walk

Date: 28th Mar 2019 @ 4:16pm

Please see below the following information regarding a Mothers Day Family Walk organised by Business For Youth.

Internet Safety Warning - MOMO

Date: 28th Feb 2019 @ 1:11pm

In light of the recent Safeguarding concerns in relation to the online internet game called Momo, please see information and advice below re: ‘Everything you need to know about the Momo challenge’.

MOMO Online Safety Guide For Parents

Safeguarding School Letter - MOMO

St Helens Library Service - New e-book and e-comic services

Date: 3rd Dec 2018 @ 9:24am


St Helens Library Service is offering even more opportunity for reading for pleasure with the launch of our new e-book and e-comic services

RB Digital Comics gives avid comics fans 24/7 access to a range of the very best Marvel titles available to read via Android, Apple, Kindle Fire or PC. With a roster of well-loved characters such as Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man and X-Men; library members get to experience these thrilling adventures first hand – for free.

In addition, our new eBook and eAudiobook service, BorrowBox enables 24/7 access to a wide range of the very best fiction and non-fiction titles and audio-books available to download via Android, Apple, Kindle Fire or PC. Many of the children's eAudiobooks in the collection are fully-realised audio dramas, featuring immersive sound effects and voices.

Any form of reading, whether it’s a classic novel or a comic book, is something that we as a library service will always look to encourage.

To find out more, visit: and click on the eBook Services link - or come on down to your local library and we will help you to use this great new offer.

Tesco's Grant Scheme Support Penkford School

Date: 21st Nov 2018 @ 4:49pm

Bags of Help is Tesco’s exciting local community grant scheme where the money raised from the sale of carrier bags is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK.

Launched in 2015, Bags of Help sees charities and community organisations awarded grants to fund local projects.

Three community projects in each local area will be voted on by customers in Tesco stores throughout the UK, with projects changing every other month. Following the vote, the project that received the most votes in its area will receive a grant of up to £4,000, second place receiving up to £2,000 and third place up to £1,000. Customers are given a token when they buy their shopping that they can use to make their choice using the voting units in most stores.

Penkford School's application has been successful and our project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores during January and February 2019. Penkford will use the grant money to purchase outdoor education and Forest School equipment for our pupils to use.

The stores that you can vote in during January and February 2019 are:

Haydock Superstore WA11 0TH

Haydock Vicarage Express WA11 0AY

Newton-Le-Willows  Superstore WA12 9NB

Rainhill School - LFC U19 V's Red Star Belgrade Football Match

Date: 16th Oct 2018 @ 1:29pm

Rainhill High School - LFC U19 V's Red Star Belgrade - youth football match on Wednesday 24th of October at the Totally Wicked Stadium St Helens. Please see attached flyer for tickets.

LFC U19 V Red Star Flyer

Penkford School. Wharf Road, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside WA12 9XZ

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