Art Overview

Art and Design is concerned with visually recording and responding to experiences of the world around us. It is especially beneficial to pupils who experience social, emotional and behavioural difficulties as it allows the freedom of expression and the freedom to make mistakes. It assists with the therapeutic release of tensions in an environment which encourages creativity, thinking abilities, communication and a wide variety of beneficial practical skills.

Art is taught as a specialist subject throughout all the Key Stages at Penkford School within a fully equipped classroom.

Art at Key Stage 2 is taught within the nurture classes and a full programme of study and resources is provided to assist learning and progression.

Key Stage 3 offers a range of differentiated, varied projects which cover all the skills and techniques pupils will need to acquire to move to the GCSE Art course.

 This includes:

  • Familiarity with a body of artistic knowledge, skills, principles and vocabulary including the work of artists and craftspeople.
  • To stimulate students' curiosity, interests and knowledge of cultural and social issues.
  • Providing students with experiences of working in a wide range of materials and media.
  • Offer a stimulating programme that allows students to reach their full potential.
  • Encourage experimentation as well as perseverance and patience.
  • Develop self-esteem and feelings of success.


Pupils at Key Stage 4 follow the Art and Design AQA qualification which requires pupils to develop and refine  ideas, to record ideas and observations and to produce a personal response to a variety of projects. From September 2009, the Art department has been following the new GCSE Art and Design specification which varies slightly to the old AQA specification.

Working with others

The Art department at Penkford co-ordinates with many different organisations and artists to ensure that students receive a varied and balanced art education. We also provide many opportunities for pupils to experience working with professionals in the field of art to provide additional skills and understanding of the subject.

Here are some examples of the workshops which have been available to students:

  • Graffiti Workshop - A workshop to promote the positive aspects of graffiti as a way of self expression.

  • Totem Pole - A workshop linked to North American Totem Poles.  

  • Animation Workshop - A six weeks stop motion animation workshop.

  • School Sports Hall - Laurence Payot was recommended by Liverpool Biennial (Festival of Contemporary Art) to work with students at Penkford School to help with the current school sports display in the hall.

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