At Penkford, one of our school priorities is to continue to work to improve all of our pupils' attendance. Our staff work hard to encourage students and motivate them to achieve and enjoy their time in school. There is also a programme of extra curricular clubs and reward trips that are earned through excellent attendance and good behaviour.

Last academic year, our attendance improved again. The overall attendance for 2016 to 2017 was 82.6%, which was an increase over the previous year.  

To show how we are continuing our drive to improve attendance, we publish weekly attendance update information, which you can find in the tables below: 

September 2017

06/09/17 to 08/09/17

11/09/17 to 15/09/17

18/09/17 to 22/09/17

25/09/17 to 29/09/17


October 2017

02/10/17 to 06/10/17

09/10/17 to 13/10/17


November 2017



December 2017



January 2018



February 2018



March 2018



April 2018



May 2018



June 2018



July 2018


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