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At Penkford school one of our key priorities is excellent attendance and punctuality. We work hard to improve and maintain the attendance of all our pupils’. Our staff work tirelessly in encouraging students and motivating them to achieve their full potential and enjoy their time in school. We also appreciate the support of parents and carers who know how important attending school on time is, and understand that good attendance and time keeping gives the best opportunities for our pupils future and life chances.

We run a programme of rewards and trips that are earned through and celebrate excellent attendance, punctuality and good behaviour. Please see our Attendance Information leaflet below for guidance and support.

Attendance Information Leaflet


Last academic year the overall attendance for 2019 to 2020 (prior to COVID interventions) was 85.1%.  

The link between attendance and success in school is clear: the more a pupil attends school the greater their opportunity to fulfil their potential.


Help With Attendance

Our dedicated Attendance and Family Support Officer is Mrs Savage. Please contact school 01744 678745 support and advice on school attendance and related issues. You can also contact the Education Welfare Service on 01744 676612 or visit their website


School Attendance Information

Attendance information is published weekly, which you can find below.

September 2020

Attendance 07/09/2020 To 11/09/2020

Attendance 14/09/2020 To 18/09/2020

Attendance 21/09/2020 To 25/09/2020

Attendance 28/09/2020 To 02/10/2020

October 2020

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