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Available Courses


Please find below a list of qualifcations offered at Penkford. Awarding Exam Board Specification and Course Links can be found underneath each subject where more information can be found. For any curriculum or qualification questions please contact 

Assistant Head Teaching & Learning - Mrs N Laughton Tel: 01744 678745






* English Language 8700

AQA Subject Page (8700)

* Mathematics 1MA1

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (1MA1)

* Statistics 1ST0

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (1ST0)

* Combined Science 1SC0

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (1SC0)

* Geography J383

OCR Subject Page (J383)

* Art & Design 8202

AQA Subject Page (8202)

Functional Skills Level 2

Functional Skills Level 1

Functional Skills Entry Level

* English 8725 (Level 2)

AQA Subject Page (8725)

* English 8720 (Level 1)

AQA Subject Page (8720)

* Mathematics 8720 (Level 1)

AQA Subject Page (8720)

* Mathematics DKWP3 (Entry Level)

AQA Subject Page (DKWP3)

* ICT 09873 09874 & 09875 (Entry Level)

OCR Subject Page (09873 09874 & 09875)

BTEC Level 1 Certificate

* Sport & Active Leisure ZVP31

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (ZVP31)

Entry Level Certificate

* English 5970

AQA Subject Page (5970)

* Mathematics 5930

AQA Subject Page (5930)

* Science NSC0 & NSF0

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (NSC0)

Edexcel Pearson Subject Page (NSF0)

* Geography R407

OCR Subject Page (R407)

* History R435

OCR Subject Page (R435)

Other Awards

* John Muir Trust Award

John Muir Award Page

* Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award Page

Achievement Awards

* AQA Unit Award Scheme



Contact the School

Penkford School

Wharf Road
WA12 9XZ

Main Contact: Ms A Kyle

Report an Absence: Mrs R Savage

Safeguarding: Mr D Francis or Mr J Mckune

Family Support: Mrs Y Hall

SEN Contact: Mr D Francis / Ms A Kyle

Curriculum: Mrs N Laughton

Careers: Miss F Maxwell

Tel: 01744 678745
Fax: 01744 678748

SEN Email:

Penkford School. Wharf Road, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside WA12 9XZ

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