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Barclays Bank Life Skills - Career Prospects

Find tips and guidance to help improve your career prospects. There are interactive tools and resources to reflect on your skills and develop new ones - write your curricuium vitae (CV), prepare for interviews, virtual work experience and more. Look at the various links to each area below for more information.

Barclays Bank require pupils to register and to set up an online account, but once registered it is free. Follow the link below to get started.


Next Steps - wheel of strengths, what career is right for you, advice map, job board 


Virtual Work Experience


Preparing for an Interview - practice interview skills, types of assessment centres and interviews


Help Applying for Jobs - cv builder, covering letter, skills assessment online practice test, job quiz


The seven skills that get you ahead at work

The ability to solve problems is the most desirable skill for UK employers, according to research from Barclays.

Problem solving emerged as the most important of seven skills employers look for from job applicants, followed by creativity, leadership and adaptability. However, educators ranked the ability to analyse and solve problems using logic as unlikely to be as important as other skills, including communication, resilience and proactivity. Look at the following link for more information.

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