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BBC Bitesize TV Programmes

On TV, there will now be the following educational programmes available every weekday with all episodes available on catch-up, via BBC iplayer.

The lockdown learning schedule will be published on Twitter at the start of the week or alternatively you can follow the following link to the Broadcast Schedules.

BBC Bitesize Broadcast Schedules 2021


Primary School Age Group

Three hours a day of primary school programming on CBBC 9am to 12pm every weekday.

For primary school pupils, CBBC will show BBC Bitesize Daily as well as popular shows such as Our School, Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch.

The Bitesize Daily Lessons  on TV will feature a different subject each day across the week, including Maths, English, Science and French. There will be teaching for five-to-seven year-olds, seven-to-nine year-olds and those aged nine-to-11.


Secondary School Pupils

Two hours a day of secondary school programming on BBC Two from 1pm to 3pm every weekday.

BBC Two will cater for secondary students, with new content to support the curriculum, including Drama adaptations, and Science, History and factual titles.

It will have a weekly focus showing a Bitesize Daily lesson programme at 13:00, followed by an episode related to the lesson. For Example

Week 1 - Science for 11-14 year-olds is the focus of the first week's Bitesize Daily lesson programmes at 13:00, followed each day by an episode of The Planets presented by Prof Brian Cox.



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