English Overview

English is taught as a discreet subject in all Key Stages at Penkford School. Teaching will ensure that work in speaking and listening, reading and writing is integrated not only in English lessons but that it is fully embedded in work across the whole curriculum. At Penkford, we fully recognise that some of our students may have a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia) which prevents them acquiring the skills needed for accurate word reading and spelling. As a result, all work is presented at a level and in a way suitable to the needs of each individual learner. We aim to make lessons as multisensory and as mind friendly as possible using a range of stimulating and motivating resources, including ICT, to ensure each student experiences success and satisfaction. Personal interventions are available to students who are displaying dyslexic difficulties. For more information see the school website information page for SpLD (Dyslexia).

"English is vital for communicating with others in school and in the wider world, and is fundamental to learning in all curriculum subjects. In studying English, pupils develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing that they will need to participate in society and employment. Pupils learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others confidently and effectively." (National Curriculum)

Reading is an important component of our English curriculum and part of a culture we endeavour to instill into the  lives of our students. All students are involved in daily reading at a level matched to their abilitiy and need. Through daily reading and English lessons, our students learn reading strategies, how to understand texts, reading for information and language structure. They do this using a range of literature, non-fiction and non-literary texts.

In writing, teaching ensures that students write for a range of purposes and that they learn about composition, planning and drafting, spelling, punctuation and handwriting and also language structure.

Social communication is a vital skill for our students to have to enable them to move on beyond their school education. At Penkford we provide specific opportunities for teaching the skills of effective social communication through the use the Social Use of Language Programme (Wendy Rinaldi), a researched programme that has been proven to be effective in enhancing  personal, emotional and social development from a communication and thinking skills perspective. Within it are a series of multisensory activity sequences incorporating stories, modelling, games and opportunities to practice skills learnt. Students will learn to speak in a range of contexts and to listen and respond appropriately to others. They will learn to interact and contribute in group discussion.

Functional Skills are a key feature of the Key Stage 3 and 4 programmes of study for English, enabling students the opportunities to speak, listen and write for contexts beyond the classroom.

Qualifications in English available for our students to attain include AQA Entry Level, Functional Skills and GSCE.

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