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Our Key Stage 2 provision is delivered using nurture principles.

Nurture groups are small, structured teaching groups for pupils showing signs of behavioural, social or emotional difficulties. This could include aggression, an inability to work independently, or very withdrawn behaviour.

Does it work?

OFSTED states:

Supporting children with challenging behaviour through a nurture group approach found that many pupils attending such groups were making substantial progress with their behavioural, social and emotional skills. The most successful groups also placed a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills and viewed success in basic skills as a key factor in raising self-esteem.

See the OFSTED Report, ‘Supporting children with Challenging Behaviour through a Nurture Group Approach’.

The Nurture Group provides a carefully routined day, where there is a balance of learning and teaching, affection and structure within a home-like atmosphere. 

What is their purpose?

The emphasis within a Nurture Group is on emotional growth - focusing on offering broad-based experiences in an environment that promotes security, routines, clear boundaries and carefully planned, repetitive learning opportunities.

“Nurture groups are an in-school resource for children whose emotional, social, behavioural and formal learning needs cannot be met in the mainstream class…..’’ (Marjorie Boxall 2002)

What is taught in a Nurture Group?

The curriculum of a Nurture Group, proposed by Boxall, concentrates on three key areas:

  1. The development of self-esteem.
  2. The use of play to teach social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, cooperating and appreciating the feelings of others.
  3. The development of language for communication.

These were first established in London in 1969 by Marjorie Boxall, an educational psychologist.

Further Information

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