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Parents & Carers Support Information

This section is where parents and carers can find information about other agencies and support networks. If you are a parent or carer and require any other information, please contact school. 

Headteacher Letters 2020 2021
Please go to the news section at the bottom of the website to access letters to parents and carers on the Coronavirus, safeguarding advice and support and the school plan.


The Internet Watch Foundation - Remove a nude image shared online


The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a UK charity, are there to help remove nude images of under 18s posted online. Once IWF has confirmed your nude image is against the law and can be removed from the internet they give it a digital fingerprint, called a hash.Please see the link below for more information.


St Helens Children's Services Contact Services Advice and Support

Please see below a letter from St Helen's Children's services and contact services advice and support telephone numbers in relation to help, support and advice during lockdown.

St Helens Children's Services Letter 28th January 2021

St Helens Children's Services Contact Details

Protecting Vulnerable Communities Government Home Office

Please find below help and guidance from the UK Government Home Office on abuse for Secondary school pupils and domestic abuse for parents and carers.

Something Is Not Right Help Guide Secondary School Pupils

Domestic Abuse - Partners Guide


Think U Know - Being Social Online - A Parent / Carer Guide

Access to new tech over the winter period can provide new opportunities for children and young people but also present risks. 

Our guide for parents looks at how they can support their child to be safer online this season by focusing on 3 key areas: viewing, sharing, chatting and friending. Please click on link below.

Think U Know A Parents Guide


Anti-bullying Advice

Please see below a parent guide and advice to help target bullying supplied by The Diana Award charity "Together we will pledge to put an end to bullying, celebrate diversity and create communities of kindness"

Parent Guide To Anti-bullying

Bullying Basics Fact Sheet



Headteacher Letter To Parents And Carers - Coronavirus Update and School Plan

Please see below letters to parents and carers on the Coronavirus

Headteacher Letter to Parents and Carers Dated 20/05/2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents and Carers Dated 11/05/2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents and Carers Dated 03/04/2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents and Carers Dated 20/03/2020

Home Learning Letter Dated 20/03/2020

Headteacher Letter to Parents and Carers Dated 16/03/2020


Safeguarding Advice & Support Contact List Letter Dated 19/03/2020


NSPCC "Speak Out Stay Safe" Virtual Assembly

Click the link below to watch the ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ virtual School assembly. The assembly focuses on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing during the coronavirus crisis, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported. #Safeguarding #Staysafespeakout


QWell - Online Counselling & Wellbeing For Adults

Qwell is a lifeline for many adults in need of mental health support. Qwell is an easily accessed prevention and treatment service. Free to use. Please see attached flyer for more details.

QWell Online Counselling & Wellbeing Flyer

National Youth Advocacy Service - Help For Children, Young People & Adults

NYAS is a UK charity which operates across England and Wales for children, young people and adults. They offer information, advice, advocacy and legal representation to children, young people and vulnerable adults through a network of dedicated paid workers and volunteers. Please find below some of their information leaflets to help you.

NYAS Mobile Phone and Tablet APP

NYAS What is an advocate?

NYAS What is a child protection conference?

NYAS Here to help contact details


Merseyside Police - Online Safety Advice for Parents & Carers

During the current Coronavirus (Covid19) situation many parents are working from home including home learning with their children. Many children will increase their online activity time during this period due to being at home more, so it is important that families incorporate time to learn about how to keep safe when going online. It is highly likely that online offending will increase during this time, so it is important that children and young people know how to learn, socialise and play online in a safe way. Please see our guide to help you with online safety advice below.

Merseyside Police - Online Safety Guide For Parents & Carers

Online Safety - Roblox Website

Online safety advice, it has come to light that there are some concerning games accessible to children on a site call Roblox. Roblox is a website, which has a suite of games available for children to play on and message people on. Please read the information advice in the following document below from St Helens Council Safeguarding Team. Also further help and guidance from the NSPCC about online safety link.

Internet Safety Advice - Roblox Website


Child Friendly Coronavirus Guide

Please see attached a child friendly guide to Coronavirus.

Have you talked to your children about the Coronavirus? How can you bring up the virus in a way that will be appropriate and reassuring for children?

Manuela Molina has created the Covibook, a short story to help families and educators in this process.

The Covibook will:
• Invite children to express how they are feeling and validate their emotions.
• Create a neuroception of safety when seeing the virus as a cartoon.
• Comfort them by explaining that caregivers will keep them safe.
• Introduce some precaution measures that will allow them to feel empowered.

Child Friendly Guide to Coronavirus

Signs of Safety St Helens Council

Please see below St Helen's Council vision for children, young people and their families to improve outcomes.

Signs of Safety

Kooth New Online Counselling Service

Kooth is a free, safe and anonymous online Mental Wellbeing Community for young people. It is available through smart phone, tablet or computer and features activities, self-help articles, discussion boards and a team of accredited counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners who provide guided and outcome-focused support for each individual. Kooth is commissioned by St Helens CCG and is available for young people aged 11 to 25.  Please see the attached leaflet for more information.

Kooth Information Poster

Child Bereavement UK 

Drop in sessions for families to find out about the support Child Bereavement UK offers. Please see the attached leaflet for more information.

Child Bereavement UK Leaflet

Keeping Children Safe Online Over The Holidays 

Check out the following links provided by CEOP for tips on how you can make sure that young people are safer online, over the Christmas period and beyond. 

The Internet of Things: 9 ways of making your connected home more secure

Seasonal Netiquette: 5 new parenting rules for screen time and tech when families gather


Parents in Mind Charity Support

Parents in Mind offers emotional support for women who are experiencing low mood, anxiety or poor mental health during pregnancy or within the first two years of birth. Many mums find it difficult to open up about how they are feeling and continue to suffer in silence. Please read the leaflet below for more information and advice.

Parents in Mind Information Leaflet


Sexual Exploitation Children and Young Adults Barnardo's Advice

Sexual exploitation affects thousands of children and young people across the UK every year. As a parent or carer, you could have an important role to play in protecting children from exploitation, helping to cut them free from this horrific form of child abuse.

Children and young people that are the victims of sexual exploitation often do not recognise that they are being exploited. However, there are a number of tell-tale signs that a child may be being groomed for sexual exploitation. Please read the leaflet below for more information and advice.

Spot the Signs Information Leaflet

Supporting Children and Young People Balancing Screen Time

Below is an information leaflet created by the organisation Internet Matters which gives 5 helpful tips to support children and young adults balancing their screen time.For further information and advice please visit

Balancing Screen Time - 5 Top Tips

Supporting Children Worried About Terrorism

Our tips and advice can help parents

Police have issued new guidance to young people about what to do in the event of a terror attack. If you're concerned about how a child is feeling following recent attacks or would like advice on how to talk to your children about terrorism, you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Talking about terrorism: tips for parents

Children are exposed to news in many ways, and what they see can worry them. Our advice can help you have a conversation with your child:

  • listen carefully to a child’s fears and worries
  • offer reassurance and comfort
  • avoid complicated and worrying explanations that could be frightening and confusing
  • help them find advice and support to understand distressing events and feelings
  • children can always contact Childline free and confidentially on the phone and online.

It’s also important to address bullying and abuse following the terrorist attacks.

Some children may feel targeted because of their faith or appearance:

Look for signs of bullying, and make sure that they know they can talk with you about it. Often children might feel scared or embarrassed, so reassure them it's not their fault that this is happening, and that they can always talk to you or another adult they trust. Alert your child’s school so that they can be aware of the issue.

Dealing with offensive or unkind comments about a child’s faith or background:

If you think this is happening, it’s important to intervene. Calmly explain that comments like this are not acceptable. Your child should also understand that someone’s beliefs do not make them a terrorist. Explain that most people are as scared and hurt by the attacks as your child is. You could ask them how they think the other child felt, or ask them how they felt when someone said something unkind to them. Explain what you will do next, such as telling your child's school, and what you expect them to do.

Listen For Change: Parent Carer Forums

Listen 4 Change have come together with parents to organise and hold Parent Participation Forums.

The Listen 4 Change website states that, "The forums are now well established in St Helens and there are a number of parent carers who attend both the evening and daytime parent forums on a regular basis.  The forums are for those parents who have a child with a disability or additional needs. It provides an opportunity for Parents to come along and meet other Parents Carers in a similar situation, to speak to Professionals in order that they gain more information and be involved in shaping services in St Helens."

The Forums give parents an important voice and a great chance to positively influence how local services support and meet the needs of children and young people with SEND.

You can find out more on their website here.

“It’ll Cost You!” - Alcohol Underage Sales Crackdown

Community Safety Partners in St Helens have a new campaign running to target ‘proxy sales’ of alcohol (adults buying alcohol for young people).

The 'It'll Cost You' campaign aims to raise awareness of this issue amongst young people, retailers and adults. During Spring 2017, agencies across St Helens will be targeting adults who buy alcohol for under 18's, and the retailers who knowingly sell it to them.

Proxy Sales are illegal. Shop retailers who sell alcohol to adults, suspecting that they will then pass it on to young people, could end up with an unlimited fine or a custodial sentence. There are also potential fines of up to £5000 for adults purchasing alcohol to pass on to young people.

Alcohol use in under 18s can carry another type of cost, in terms of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, hospital admissions, accidents, injuries and risk taking behaviour.

Merseyside Police and Trading Standards will be tackling proxy sales by targeting licenced premises across the Borough and to use various strategies and tools to support retailers and raise awareness of this important issue.

You can find out more on the Safer St Helens website.


St Helens Missing and Child Sexual Exploitation Service


Catch22 works alongside young people, their families and the police to find out what has caused them to run away and prevent them from running away again in the future.

The service works with young people under 18-years-old across St Helens who are missing from home or care or who are experiencing or at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Every three minutes a child runs away from home or care; they could be forced out by their parents or carers, fleeing conflict or abuse in the home.

Download their leaflet for parents and carers.


Online course for Parents - Communicating with children about Selfharm

Thousands of children and young people in the UK are thought to be impacted by self-harm each year.

Spotting the signs can be difficult, and approaching the subject with your children can be an uncomfortable experience.

As it is thought at most parents feel uncomfortable discussing self-harm with their children, Selfharm UK have worked with Virtual College to create an online course to help parents speak to their children about self harm with confidence. You can find more information at


St Helens Youth Service

Please view the attached flyer from St Helens Youth Service which offers a range of evening activities for all ages - Junior Youth Club, Free Swimming Sessions and 818 Club (15 to 25 year olds). For the full range of actitives offered for young people please also visit the website link below.

St Helens Youth Service Flyer

St Helens Safer Communities Team

As you may have heard, St.Helens Council’s Safer Communities Team, along with partner agencies: Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service & Registered Social Landlords, are working together this month as part of an annual clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

With the nights starting to stay lighter for longer, residents should be able to enjoy their evenings - whether it be by going out for a stroll in our parks and open spaces, or by sitting out in their own back garden – without it being ruined by inconsiderable people carrying out anti-social behaviour so St. Helen's Council want to encourage the public to be #Ready2Report the following types of nuisance behaviour:

As well as stepping up Police patrols to hot-spot problem areas in St.Helens, partners have been running community cleaning/skip days & awareness days as well as running a drive to tackle underage drinking with the ACE pledge for parents to sign and proxy sales campaign targeting underage alcohol sales with the Trading Standards Department.

For more information please visit the weblink below:-

Family Lives Helpline

Free confidential helpline for advice, information and support on any aspect of parenting and family life. Please see the flyer below:

Family Lives Helpline

For more information please visit the weblink below:-


St. Helens Council Youth Service

Grange Valley Youth Centre every Wednesday offers young people with special educational needs and/or a disability an 818 Youth Service. Please see the attached flyer for details. 

St Helens Council Youth Service 818 Flyer

Mind St Helens


A voluntary organisation working with people living in the Borough, who are aged 18+
and who experience distress or isolation because of mental health difficulties. Please see the attached leafelt for more information or visit their website


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