Physical Education

Physical Education Overview

The Physical Education department at the school is committed to the development of skill, knowledge and character. Students are offered a wide range of activities with the hope of not merely succeeding in the subject but also to discover something that they may continue to partake in later in life.

Physical Education is a powerful subject in the development of social skills, team work, problem solving and healthy living. We aim to promote all of this in every lesson that is delivered.  

Physical Education at Penkford is taught by Mr Wray, Mr Worgan and Mrs Pendlebury.

Key Stage 2/3

Students in Key Stages 2 and 3 follow a number of activities throughout the academic year. Each student receives 3 PE lessons per week, each of which focus on specific activities. Each specific activity begins with a baseline assessment and lasts for 6 sessions, culminating in a summative assessment before moving on to the next activity area. Away from curriculum PE, students also take part in numerous Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and achieve very well in this area. Swimming lessons are also given to every student in the key stages on a rolling basis.

Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 pupils spend their time further developing the skills learnt in lower school in order to improve performance. Judgements on pupils’ suitability for external qualifications are made at the end of keys stage 3. These judgements will determine the pathway offered over key stage 4. Many pupils at the key stage take the opportunity to represent school in our football team in the Merseyside Schools League. The team shares an ethos based around developing social skills in order to help create an enjoyable environment for all to play in. We are seeing some very positive attitudes on the field of play and some great role models for our younger students.

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