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Pupil Safeguarding Council

What is the Pupil Safeguarding Council?

The Pupil Safeguarding Council is a representative group of students from each Key Stage who have been proposed and elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues relating to safeguarding with the Senior Managers and Governors of the school. The Pupil Safeguarding Council meets once every half term and provides pupils with the opportunity to have a democratic voice.


Why is it important to have a safeguarding council?

  • It gives pupils a chance to express their views about how to keep School safe. 
  • It gives pupils an opportunity to make a difference around School.
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe and be safe.


What does the Safeguarding Council do?

  • Meets once every half term to discuss safeguarding matters in our School.
  • Comes up with ideas for how to make School safer and then decide how you are going to do it.
  • Share ideas with other adults that come into our School and our governors.
  • Talk about if it has made a positive impact e.g. Has it worked? Does School feel happier and safer?
  • Take minutes of the meetings to help pupils remember what they have discussed / done.


Meeting Dates

Topics Raised and Discussed By Pupils

Meeting 13/11/2021

Attendees 3 pupils and Mr McKune

  • World Kindness Day 13/11/21
  • Road Safety Week 15/11/21
  • Anti-Bullying Week 15/11/21
  • The BIG Award
  • What went well in half term 1
  • What are we worried about 
  • After school clubs
  • School trips
Meeting Scheduled for 23/03/2022  
Meeting Scheduled for 06/07/2022  


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