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Year 8

Page currently being developed to provide pupils with home learning work packs please bear with us. Click on the link underneath each subject to open the PDF file.



English - Noun Phrase Sheet

English - Noun Phrase Worksheet 1

English - Noun Phrase Worksheet 2

English - Noun Phrase Worksheet 3

English - Noun Phrase Worksheet 4

English - Spelling Punctuation & Grammar

English - Adverbial Sort Worksheet

English - Adverbial Spot Worksheet

English - Adverbial How Worksheet

English - Adverbial When Worksheet

English - Adverbial Where Worksheet

English - Adverbial Writing Worksheet



Maths - Fibonacci Sheet

Maths - Fibonacci Worksheet 1

Maths - Fibonacci Puzzle

Maths - Types of Number Sequencing PPT

Maths - Number Sequencing 1 Worksheet

Maths - Number Sequencing 2 Worksheet

Maths - Number Sequencing 3 Worksheet

Maths - Number Sequencing 1 Answers

Maths - Number Sequencing 2 Answers

Maths - Number Sequencing Matching Activity

Maths - Sequences Geometric Worksheet

Maths - Sequences Linear Worksheet 1

Maths - Sequences Linear Worksheet 2

Maths - Sequences From Patterns Worksheet (Easy)

Maths - Sequences From Patterns Matching Worksheet (Easy)

Maths - Sequences Number Patterns Worksheet 1 (Easy)

Maths - Sequences Number Patterns Worksheet 2 (Easy)



Science - Gas Exchange Worksheet

Science - Respiration & Breathing Worksheet

Science - Breathing & Gas Exchange Worksheet



History - Migration PPT

History - Migration Worksheet 1

History - Migration Worksheet 2

History - Invasion PPT

History - Invasion Worksheet (Easy)

History - Invasion Worksheet (Hard)

History - Invasion Answers

History - Anglo Saxon, Norman & Viking Timeline Worksheet

History - Anglo Saxon Information Sheet

History - Norman Information Sheet

History - Viking Information Sheet

Geography - Africa Worksheet



Art - Landscape Activity

Art - Van Gogh Activity



We would encourage all pupils to take part in Joe Wicks' free daily PE lesson - he's live on YouTube every day at 9am but the all the videos are available so that they can be accessed at anytime of the day. 

Daily exercise improves physical and mental health, and it's a great way for children (and adults!) of all ages to keep active whilst staying safe indoors.
To access the videos, search 'PE with Joe' on YouTube or click on the link below:

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